What Was Maria Sharapova’S Mantra For Success?

What led Maria to the path of success and why couldn’t her mother accompany her?

A) Her trip to U.S for playing tennis.

Her mother couldn’t accompany because of visa restrictions.

Her mother was unwell and so she could not accompany her.

C) Her interest in music..

What was Maria’s first big achievement?

At the 2012 Summer Olympic Games—Sharapova’s Olympic debut—she won a silver medal in women’s singles, losing the gold to American tennis star Serena Williams.

Which qualities of Maria Sharapova became a key to her success?

Her perseverance and dedication to all her aspects in life has been the key to her success. She became one of the youngest tennis champions at young age, and has kept on working since then.

What motivates Maria to keep going?

competitivenessExplanation: Maria is motivated by her spirit of competitiveness to keep moving ahead. She works very hard once she has decided to achieve something. She considers it her job to excel despite hardships and severe demands.

What was Gerrard’s full name *?

(d) Vincent Charles Gerrard.

Who went to the United States with Maria?

Answer. Answer: Her father Yuri went to the US with Maria.

What is the mantra for Maria’s success What are Maria’s achievements?

Answer : Maria considers herself very competitive and works hard to be the best in the whatever she does. She does not allow herself to be emotional and sentimental. This is her ‘Mantra’ for success.

What was most important thing for Maria?

Just as reaping the harvest is the reward for the hard work of the farmer, similarly earning money is the reward for Maria Sharapova’s earnest efforts and sacrifice. Tennis is a business and a sport, but the most important thing is to become number one in the world.

How did Maria achieve her success?

Answer. Young Maria Sharapova (born 1987) achieved success through hard sheer hard work and perseverance. She started tennis at the age of six and since then there has been no looking back.

Which is Maria’s native land?

Siberia(v) Her native land is Siberia which is a part of Russia. “I used to be so lonely,” Maria Sharapova recalls.

When was little Maria packed off to us and for what purpose and with whom?

Explanation: Little Maria had not yet celebrated her tenth birthday when she was packed off to train in the United States. That trip to Florida with her father Yuri launched her on the path to success and stardom. But, it also required a heart-wrenching two-year separation from her mother Yelena.

What is Maria Sharapova’s mantra for success and how she achieved it?

Her success mantra is: “I am very,very competitive. I work hard at what I do. It’s my job.”

What is the secret of Santosh’s success?

Ans. The secret of Santosh’s success was her strong will power, great physical endurance and amazing mental toughness. Her single-minded determination and dedication helped her overcome all hurdles to become a winner. She had qualities of hard work and sincerity, which led to her success.

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