What Qualities Of Maria Sharapova Make Her Great Achiever As A Tennis Player?

What are the quality qualities of Maria Sharapova?


She was hard working, passionate, and determined about her game.

Despite of all the troubles she faced, she was working hard to achieve success.

Even after facing the ups and downs of life she never loses hope and managed to work hard to play tennis..

What qualities of Maria has lifted her to the top of the tennis world?

Her hard work, determination, and sacrifices have lifted her to the top of the world. Explanation: Maria Sharapova is one of the most talented and famous tennis players.

What are the qualities of Maria Sharapova Class 9?

Maria sharapova was a brave , self relient girl who was not dependent on anybody for her work .. she herself cleaned up her room , wake up early in the morning for her hard work as a tennis player.. Being a brave girl she left her mother at an age of nine .

How did Maria Sharapova achieve her success?

Answer. Young Maria Sharapova (born 1987) achieved success through hard sheer hard work and perseverance. She started tennis at the age of six and since then there has been no looking back.

How did Maria Sharapova learn tennis excellence?

Answer. she learnt it when she had to leave her mom and go to a far away distance. she was alone because father had to go to work and that he was not with her .

What makes Maria very hungry and determined?

When you come from nothing and you have nothing, then it makes you very hungry and determined . .. I would have put up with much more humiliation and insults than that to steadfastly pursue my dream.” Maria did not get depressed by all this. Instead she became determined and mentally tough.

What qualities of Maria Sharapova make her a great achiever as a tennis player give example from the text?

Maria Sharapova has become not only an accomplished tennis player but also a global fashion and business icon. Her perseverance and dedication to all her aspects in life has been the key to her success. She became one of the youngest tennis champions at young age, and has kept on working since then.

Which qualities of Maria played a key role to her progress?

Answer: Mental toughness and determination became a key to maria success .

How does the author describe the personality of Maria Sharapova?

The Author described Maria Sharapova as a world famous professional tennis player who hails from Russia. A very brave and eccentric sportsmanship spirit. Mari Sharapova is very intelligent and excellent sense of humor. Although she has many qualities but she never her victories get in to her head.

How did Maria’s loneliness prove to be a boon for her?

Her mother was unable to accompany her to USA due to issues with her visa extension. Her father was busy gathering money for her tennis coaching. Thus she used to feel lonely in her hostel being away from family and friends. … This is how her loneliness proved to be a boon for her.

What does Maria Sharapova say about monetary gains?

This is what she has to say about her monetary gains from tennis : “Of course, money is a motivation. Tennis is a business and a sport, but the most important thing is to become number one in the world. That’s the dream that kept me going.”

What motivates Maria to keep going?

competitivenessExplanation: Maria is motivated by her spirit of competitiveness to keep moving ahead. She works very hard once she has decided to achieve something. She considers it her job to excel despite hardships and severe demands.

What lifted Maria to the top of the world in 50 words?

What has lifted Maria Sharapova to the top of the world? Ans:- Maria’s talent, her unwavering determination, her hunger for success, her willingness to work hard, her readiness to endure challenges, and her sacrifices have lifted her to the top of the world.

What made Maria carry on in spite of the tough conditions that she faced?

Answer. Explanation: it was Maria Sharapova’s determination to continue to achieve success. she said that when you come from nothing and you have nothing it makes you hungry and determine to achieve thing that you want .

What was the secret of Maria’s success?

Maria Sharapova recently revealed that the secret behind her success is her ‘competitive drive’, which has helped her achieve triumph in every aspect of life. The 27-year-old tennis star said that she has a competitive drive, which was ferocious, powerful and it’s all about winning.

What made Maria Sharapova determined and mentally tough?

As Maria was quite young, she used to go to bed early. The senior tennis players were very inconsiderate. They came late in the night and would wake her up asking her to clean up the room for them. Maria was bullied, insulted and humiliated but it made her more determined and mentally tough.

What is the biggest motivation for Maria Sharapova What lifted her to the top of the world?

Maria Sharapova cannot be pigeon-holed or categorized. Her talent, unwavering desire to succeed and readiness to sacrifice have lifted her to the top of the world. Few would grudge her the riches she is now reaping. This is what she has to say about her monetary gains from tennis: “Of course, money is motivation.

How are Maria’s humble beginning responsible for her success in life?

Answer. Maria’s parents played an essential role in her success. At very young age, she was sent to the United States for her tennis training. This was a turning point in her life and led her towards the path of success.

Why did Maria feel so lonely?

Maria Sharapova felt very lonely in her childhood because she missed her mother in Florida and her father was always busy in trying to keep her tennis-training going. Her mother had to stay back in Siberia, Russia, because of visa restrictions.

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