What Is The Secret Of Santosh Yadav Success?

Who was Santosh Yadav Class 9?

Answer: Santosh Yadav provided special care to a climber who lay dying at the south pole in 1992 Everest Mission.

She saved Mohan Singh, who would have lost his life had she not shared her oxygen with him..

Why didnt her mother go with her?

Her mother could not go with her because of visa restrictions. Her hobbies are fashion, singing and dancing. She likes reading the novels of Arthur Conan Doyle. She has a fondness for sophisticated evening gowns, pancakes with chocolate spread and fizzy orange drinks.

What was the success mantra of Santosh Yadav?

The Stories of Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova gives us the success mantra. It is to fight against the odds,be determined and work hard.

What can you learn from the life of Maria Sharapova and Santosh Yadav?

What we learn from both of them is that we must work hard to achieve our life goals. Both Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova worked very hard they did have to bear bullying and racial comments but nothing dettered their spirit and enthusiasm to achieve something in their life.

What are the achievements of Santosh Yadav?

Padma ShriSantosh Yadav/Awards

What do we learn from the life of Santosh Yadav?

Answer. Santosh had the qualities of physical strength, mental strength and strong will power. In 1992, four years after her first casual climb on the Aravalli hills, she climbed Mount Everest.

What world record does Santosh Yadav hold?

Answer. Santosh Yadav was made a record of first Indian woman who climb twice a Mount Everest.

Why can’t Maria be pigeon holed or Categorised?

Maria Sharapova cannot be pigeonholed to a particular category because in spite of being a world-class lawn tennis player she is versatile and tries her hand in various aspects like modeling. Aakash EduTech Pvt.

What qualities was Santosh Yadav gifted with as a climber?

As a climber, what qualities was Santosh Yadav gifted with? Ans. As a climber, Santos was gifted with an iron will, great physical endurance and an amazing mental toughness. All these qualities, coupled with her resistance to cold and altitude helped her prove her mettle in climbing mountains again and again.

What made Santosh Yadav achieve fame and greatness?

What made Santosh Yadav achieve fame and greatness? Answer: … Santosh Yadav scaled Mt Everest when she was barely twenty years of age, becoming the youngest woman in the world to achieve the feat. Within twelve months, Santosh scaled the Everest a second time as a member of an Indo-Nepalese Women’s Expedition.

What girl is Santosh?

Santosh Yadav was a determined girl from her childhood. The area where she used to live was not so developed. Women were not taught so well and used to wear traditional dresses.

What are the mental qualities of Santosh Yadav?

What mental qualities of Santosh are brought into light by this incident? Answer: Santosh threatened to work part time to manage her school fees. On hearing this her parents agreed to pay for her schooling in Delhi. This incidence shows her level of determination towards her goal.

What motivates her to keep going?

Answer: Her motivation is money. She thought tennis that it is a business and sport . But the most important thing she wanted to become no 1 in the world.

What are the similarities and differences between Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova?

Maria Sharapova is the youngest woman to achieve No. 1 position in the ranking of World Lawn Tennis; while Santosh Yadav is the youngest woman to scale to the top of Mt. Everest twice. … Maria Sharapova has won 36 singles titles and 5 Grand Slam titles; while Santosh Yadav is the first woman to scale Mt.

Why was Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova successful?

Today both Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova enjoy the status of a celebrity. To attain this position they both had to work very hard in their life. Both of these girls Were of strong and true determination. They had a clear vision of their life.

What qualities in Santosh Yadav helped her get into the record books?

Santosh showed qualities in her training like physical endurance, iron will, mental toughness and resistance to cold and altitude. These qualities helped her to scale Mt Everest twice and get her name into the record books.

Who did Maria Sharapova miss so badly?

Maria’s father brought her to the U.S. to be trained in tennis when she was barely nine. Her mother Yelena could not accompany her due to Visa restrictions. In the U.S. she missed her mother badly but she knew that the sacrifice was an inevitable part of her big aspirations.

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