What Happened To Freya?

Is Freya the Queen of the Valkyries?

Freya is the goddess of love, lust, and celebrations.

She rules over the realm called Folkvang and she is the Queen of the Valkyries.

She is often pictured with a golden necklace and she is never without her chariot pulled by cats..

Is Freya still alive in the originals?

Freya Mikaelson is the firstborn child of Mikael and Esther, the one to said had died during the plague….Freya Mikaelson.Freya MikalesonBiographical informationStatusAliveSpeciesWitchGenderFemale13 more rows

Will Freya Mikaelson die?

The family didn’t even know Freya was alive, and Klaus didn’t trust her at first. She’s Mikael and Esther’s firstborn child and a very powerful witch — with those powers set to be on full display on Legacies. Hope Mikaelson will need her Aunt Freya’s help.

Is Freya a bad guy?

Freya is an important NPC character in 2018’s God of War, and even though she comes across as a friend, not a foe, to Kratos and his son, she’s revealed to be the real villain at the end.

Does Freya love Dahlia?

According to Freya, Dahlia had killed the love of her life, leaving her alone and with child. In a fit of desperation, Freya opted to kill both herself and the child to prevent them from becoming Dahlia’s pawns. However, after Freya had gulped down the poison, she learned that Dahlia had made her immortal.

What happens to Freya?

Freya becomes so angry that she uses all of her power on Dominic, which knocks him out of the protective stick boundaries. Dominic takes his chance and kills Freya. HE KILLS HER.

Does Freya kill hope?

Last Monday’s episode, “Sanctuary,” was the first time Freya identified herself and revealed her existence to another Mikaelson sibling. … But, most importantly, the series will eventually ask whether or not Freya will kill Hope on The Originals Season 2 — which, at this point, the answer seems to be no.

Is Klaus sister Freya alive?

Known only to Esther and Finn, their brother, Freya had not died but had been taken by Dahlia, Esther’s sister, as part of a deal between the two to make Esther fertile.

Who did Freya marry?

ÓðrFreya’s husband is named Óðr, a name which is virtually identical to that of Óðinn (the Old Norse form of “Odin”).

Why does Freya want to kill hope?

In Keepers of the House, In The Feast of All Sinners, Freya is willing to sacrifice everything for Hope and she is even willing to become a vampire in order to let her niece be with her mother.

Is hope stronger than Marcel?

Without magic, Marcel would win because he’s older and stronger. With magic, hope would win.

Did Damon kill Elijah?

Damon kills Elijah with a stake through his heart. When Damon tried to save Stefan from losing his head, he staked Elijah. Later, Elijah came back to life and pulled the stake out of himself.

Can Marcel be killed?

Marcel isn’t a threat in reality. All it would take is the swat team to put a hundred rounds in his body killing him temporary. In that time they lock him up. One bullet to the head can kill klaus temporary just like a neck snap.

Are Freya and Keelin together?

They’ve since begun an official relationship and the two even have sex for the first time in Voodoo Child. When Freya thought she would have to turn into a vampire for her family, Keelin assured her that they would be fine. … After seven years, Freya and Keelin are still together.

How does Marcel die?

To punish them, Klaus daggered Rebekah in front of Marcel. Later that year, Marcel was shot by the governor, his own father, while trying to free some slaves. The dying Marcel asked Klaus to turn him and against Klaus’ wishes, he did so.

Do Keelin and Freya have a baby?

“[Freya] is still happily married with her wife Keelin, and they have a child,” she said. “Yes, they have a little son named Nik who — I guess you can assume who [he’s] named after. The Freelin fans will be very happy.”

Does Freya kill Dahlia?

In Ashes to Ashes, after linking herself with Klaus, is subdued unwillingly by a gold dagger. While she is subdued, Freya suggests staking Klaus with the white oak stake, killing both him and Dahlia for good; she is stopped, however by Marcel, who worries about Klaus’ sire line dying in the process.

Who does Freya fall in love with?

The Originals’ Freya and Keelin have spent all season dancing around their feelings for one another — sometimes literally — but based on a new batch of photos from Friday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), their budding romance is about to reach full bloom.

Why was Freya removed?

Trivia. Esther made a deal with her sister in order to be able to have children, and that deal resulted in Freya being taken away from her. Esther later lied to her family about Freya being a plague victim. It is because of Freya’s alleged death, that Esther returned to magic.

Did Marcel die when Klaus died?

Marcel is revived because of the serum and it makes his bite lethal to the Originals. He gets Freya poisoned, come inside with the enemy army, bites Kol and Elijah in the fight of the series and almost bite Klaus before Rebekah intervened. Klaus escapes with his brothers. Hayley helps Freya.

Is Rebekah Mikaelson dead?

Rebekah commits suicide in her mortal body in order to keep a compelled Marcel from ending her life because of Klaus’ orders.

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