Quick Answer: Why Did Maria Feel So Lonely?

Why does Maria call the US a big part of her life?

US was a big part in Maria Sharapova s life because she got her training in the United States and that trip to Florida launched her on the path of success.

Others who were there with her often harrassed her and this made her determination strong and mentally tough..

How did Maria Sharapova achieve her success?

Answer. Young Maria Sharapova (born 1987) achieved success through hard sheer hard work and perseverance. She started tennis at the age of six and since then there has been no looking back.

What impact did Maria’s loneliness live upon her?

Thus she used to feel lonely in her hostel being away from family and friends. But she utilized her loneliness and depression in a positive way and concentrated more in the tennis and faced all challenges and emerged victorious. This is how her loneliness proved to be a boon for her.

Where did Maria leave lonely?

Ans. At the age of nine years, Maria Sharapova left Siberia for Florida in the U.S.A. She went there to attend a training camp for women tennis. She undertook hard training for two years. Her father Yuri also went with her.

What was the secret of Maria’s success?

Maria Sharapova recently revealed that the secret behind her success is her ‘competitive drive’, which has helped her achieve triumph in every aspect of life. The 27-year-old tennis star said that she has a competitive drive, which was ferocious, powerful and it’s all about winning.

What was that not depressed Maria?

(i) At the hostel, the seniors used to humiliate and insult her and make her clean the room. This could not let Maria depress. (ii) The incident made her more determined and mentally tough.

How did Maria Sharapova reach the pinnacle of success?

Answer. Maria sharapova reach the pinnacle by her toughness and sacrifices she went to united state for her tennis training before she complete her ten years.

Why did Maria have to stay away from her mother what were Maria’s feelings during this time?

Answer : Maria had to stay away from her mother because she had to go to the United States for her professional training and her mother could not accompany her due to visa restrictions. She felt very lonely and depressed about that. She had to bear with this separation.

What were the feelings of Maria Sharapova?

Explanation: Maria Sharapova, a renowned Tennis player who hails from Russia is always true to her roots. … Maria loves USA but she is proud of her Russian roots. She also said that she will feel overwhelmed if Russia wanted her to play Olympics on their behalf.

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