Quick Answer: Who Is Powerful Than Lord Vishnu?

Who created God Vishnu?

Together these three Lords symbolize nature’s rules, which is everything that is created is eventually destroyed.

The birth of these three Gods is a great mystery in itself.

While many purans believe that God Brahma and God Vishnu were born from God Shiva, there is no hardcore evidence to prove the same..

Who killed Lord Shiva?

The wrathful Yama assumed a fearsome form and threw his noose to capture Markandeya, who hugged the linga tightly. When the noose touched the linga, Shiva emerged from it in all his wrath and struck Yama with his Trishula and kicked his chest, killing the Lord of Death.

Which religion God is powerful?

Hindu religion is one of the oldest religion in the history of humanity. Islam is the second most popular religion in the world with over 1.9 Billion followers. Its adherents known as Muslims, Islam religion teaching that God is one that’s called ‘Allah , and that God is powerful, merciful, and unique.

Who can defeat Lord Vishnu?

He was defeated by Shiva’s Ansha Veerbhadra. He was defeated by Jalandhara. He (as Narasimha) was defeated by Shiva (as Sharabha).

Who is supreme God?

Supreme God has uncountable divine powers. … This is almighty God, whose three main forms are Brahma; the creator, Vishnu, the sustainer and Shiva, the destroyer. Hindus believe in many Gods who perform various functions; like executives in a large corporation. These should not be confused with the Supreme God.

Who is the biggest god in the world?

Vishnu. Vaishnavism is the sect within Hinduism that worships Vishnu, the preserver god of the Hindu Trimurti (the Trinity), and his many incarnations. Vaishnavites regard him to be eternal and the strongest and supreme God .

Did Arjuna defeat Lord Shiva?

Arjun never defeated Lord Shiva and as a matter of fact, No one matches him other Than Lord Ram himself. … Arjun struck his head with a sharp sword, which shattered into Pieces. He also Attacked him with trees. Even mahadev now Restored to Hit arjun now.

Which God is more powerful?

Though Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh together can easily be considered as the most powerful Gods among all the Gods but if we have to talk about only one most powerful God it would undoubtedly be Lord Shiva. He is not only worshiped by humans but also by all Gods, demons, and ghosts..

Can Lord Shiva defeat Lord Vishnu?

Lord Brahma is called the Creator of the Land while Lord Vishnu is the one who drives the creation (Preservers) and Lord Shiva is the Destroyer and Transformer of the Creation. Taking all the above points into consideration, i don’t see at least a point where Shiva and Vishnu would fight.

Who is the strongest Hindu god?

Param BrahmaParam Brahma (not to be confused with Brahma) is supreme God of hinduism. Most Hindus worship one Supreme Being, though by different names.

Who is powerful than Shiva?

YamaActually, Yama and Shani, the two sons of Surya, the Sun god, are more powerful than Shiva. However, Yama and Shani are not worshipped, making Shiva the most powerful Hindu god.

Who is the weakest God?

IndraKing of Gods Indra in the Hindu mythology is the weakest God ever created. He is equivalent to Zeus in rank.

Who is the strongest God in anime?

The 15 Most Powerful Anime Gods, Officially Ranked1 OSAMU TEZUKA. Okay, as far as humans are concerned, Osamu Tezuka obviously isn’t a god.2 HARUHI SUZUMIYA. What if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us? … 3 ARCEUS. … 4 ZENO. … 5 THE TRUTH (FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD) … 6 THE GREAT FOREST SPIRIT (PRINCESS MONONOKE) … 7 RYUK. … 8 LAIN IWAKURA. … More items…•Jun 2, 2018

Who can defeat Krishna?

According to the Vishnu Purana and Harivamsa, Kālayavana was a Yavana king. The legend goes like this: Jarāsandha, Kamsa’s father-in-law, and the ruler of Magadha attacks Mathurā seventeen times but is beaten by Krishna every time. Jarasandha unable to defeat Krishna on his own made an alliance with Kālayavana.

Who is powerful Vishnu or Shiva?

Shiva is the supreme god who creates and destroy every universe, and the other hand Vishnu(I am taking about mahavishnu as he is the strongest form of Vishnu) is a deity , who has many limitations, but shiva don’t have any limitations, Shiva’s power and knowledge is infinite where as Vishnu’s power is limited and …

Who is powerful than Vishnu?

lord Krishna is above them and most powerful. most of the people does not know that lord Krishna is supreme. and lord Vishnu has originated from him not that lord Krishna has originated from Vishnu. God is ONE.

Why Lord Vishnu is not Worshipped?

B. Vishnu knew that it is impossible to find the end points of Shiva’s lingam so he didn’t even try. … Lord Shiva became furious at this lie. He then cursed Brahma that he would never be worshipped by any human being. He also cursed the Ketaki flower that it would not be used in any Hindu ritual.

Who are the 3 main Hindu gods?

Trimurti, (Sanskrit: “three forms”) in Hinduism, triad of the three gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

Who is stronger Vishnu or Krishna?

If Krishna is 1,00,00,000, Vishnu is 10,00,00,000. So power of Vishnu is ten times better than Krishna’s.

Can anyone kill Lord Shiva?

No. Shiva is an immortal, and Has no birth or death. … Since Shiva killed Lord Yama, the God of death and thus became Mrityunjaya. There was a great devotee by name Markendeya, who after learning from his parents about his short life span (only 16 yrs ), starts a rigorous penance for Shiva.

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