Quick Answer: Which Is Better Chroma Or Reliance Digital?

Who is the CEO of Reliance Retail?

V SubramaniamReliance Retail is an Indian retail company, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited.

Founded in 2006, it is the largest retailer in India in terms of revenue.

V Subramaniam is the CEO of the venture..

Is Reliance Digital Safe Quora?

Yes, Reliance Digital is safe website. There are many products that you will find cheap here and expensive on other websites. … So if you are thinking about shopping on Reliance Digital, then you can shop here. this is a legit and safe online store.

How can I get Reliance Digital store franchise?

Investment DetailsInvestment INR 50000 – 2lac.Franchise/Brand Fee INR Rs.20,000 (Non-Refun.Royalty/Commission N.A. %

How can I get Croma discount?

2% off On Selected Electronics & Appliances. May 11, 2021 Get Coupon & go to website. … Grab Flat Rs 2000 OFF (ICICI Users) + Free Movie Tickets. Get Deal & go to website. … Enjoy Upto 70% OFF Sitewide + Great Deals @ Croma. Get Deal & go to website. … Cameras & Accessories – Up To 39% Off. Get Deal & go to website.

Can we return products in Reliance Digital?

The following general returns policy is applicable to all items sold on reliancedigital.in. 1….Product/CategoryReturn Window and ExceptionsMobiles and TabletsMobiles10 Days, Replacement onlyMobile Accessories10 Days, Replacement only23 more rows

Is Reliance Digital better than Croma?

Croma employees rated their Overall Rating 0.7 higher than Reliance Digital employees rated theirs. Croma employees rated their Work-life balance 1.2 higher than Reliance Digital employees rated theirs. Croma employees rated their Senior Management 0.8 higher than Reliance Digital employees rated theirs.

Can we bargain in Reliance Digital?

Yes, you can.

Does Croma have Apple products?

Apple Store | Buy Apple Electronics Products Online | Croma | Croma Electronics | Online Electronics Shopping | Buy Electronics Online.

Who is owner of Vijay Sales?

Nanu GuptaNanu Gupta is fondly known, is the brain behind the electronics superstore, VIJAY SALES.

Is Reliance Digital good for laptop?

reliance digital A very good laptop. … Booting speed is bit slow rest all features of this laptop is good.

Who is the CEO of Reliance Digital?

Brian Bade (Aug 2010–)Reliance Digital/CEO

Is it safe to buy iPhone from Reliance Digital?

Servify, along with Reliance Digital offers a Apple-certified extended warranty plan at lower prices, while keeping your iPhone fully secure. …

Who is the owner of Croma?

Tata GroupCromā/Parent organizations

Is Tata CliQ and Croma same?

In addition to leveraging the Tata Group’s own e-commerce platform CliQ, electronics retailer Croma plans to sell across all leading marketplaces such as Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal. … Infinity, a subsidiary of Tata Sons, is the promoter of Croma.

Is Croma a Chinese company?

Infiniti Retail, a subsidiary of the Tata Group, runs Cromā stores in India which is a retail chain for consumer electronics and durables.

Can I use Reliance digital gift card online?

Ans: Yes, the Reliance Digital Gift Card and another form of payment can be used in the same transaction.

How can I complaint against Reliance Digital?

Customer Service. Help Center – Reliance Digital….Communication structure for concerns not addressed satisfactorily:Level-1: Head of Customer Support: cshead.reliancedigital@ril.com.Through this channel you could communicate directly to the head of Customer Support.More items…

Are Croma products good?

Yes. Croma is absolutely trust worthy. However their prices for Cameras, Laptops and Mobiles are higher than their competitors by atleast 5%-10%. For low cost products like External Hard Drives, Memory Cards, Flash Drives, Headsets, etc.

Is Croma owned by Tata?

Croma, a national chain of mega-stores of consumer electronics and durables, is owned by Infiniti Retail, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Tata Sons. Presently, there are a total of 42 Croma plus 5 Croma Zip stores in the country.

Where are Croma products made?

Ghosal said that Croma works with factories in India, China, Thailand, Turkey and other places, and ensures that its partners follow the same certification principles, and practices that a brand with 100 years of manufacturing experience would.