Quick Answer: What Is IVR Menu In Jio?

How can I know my current idea plan?

1) You can download the Vi™ Appand view your active packs details by clicking on Main menu >> Active packs and services.

2) Also, you can dial *199# and choose the relevant option to know your active plans and packs details..

How use Jio main balance?

There are two ways to check your JIO main balance. Dial *333# from your JIO number and you will see the main balance information on your phone screen. You can also check your JIO main balance by sending a text message as MBAL to 55333. Once this is done, you will get the balance details via SMS.

What to do if Jio recharge is not working?

Those using MyJio apSign in to MyJio app.Select ‘Manage your jio account’Select ‘Recharge History’ from menu.You can see your last five recharge transactions details for your Jio number. It will have the transaction number, date, time of recharge, recharge value, plan name and mode of payment.Apr 8, 2017

Why my Jio app is not showing balance?

1) Ensure you have the latest version of the app installed on your device. 2) Check for network connectivity by opening a website in device browser. 3) Restart the device and check again.

Can I recharge Jio from main balance?

Yes. rogerthat wrote: you missed recharging jio by main balance. you do top up recharge of 100 or more in multiple of 100s you get full face value of it as main balance.

How can I know other mobile balance?

With this Trick you can check the mobile balance of your Friends in Airtel, Docomo, Idea and Bsnl . After Dialing Select language > Already Operator user > Enter Your Friends Number . Done ! If in Airtel it will ask for Pin then use 1234 as Pin Number .

What is the USSD code for Jio?

Jio USSD Codes List To Check Balance, Data, Loan, Offer, ValidityKnow my Jio NumberDial *1#Know balance/talktime*333#Check 4G data usageMBAL to 55333Check prepaid balance & validitysms BAL to 199Know bill amountsms BILL to 1997 more rows

Can I only recharge Rs 10 in Jio?

You will have the option to select a suitable IUC TOP-UP voucher starting at Rs 10, that can be used to make such non-Jio calls. … You also have the option to recharge with earlier packs for next 30 days by visiting jio.com. All Jio to Jio calls continue to be FREE.

What is Jio talktime balance?

Here are the helpful Jio USSD codes and SMS numbers to save: Know balance/talktime: *333# Check 4G data usage: sms MBAL to 55333. Check prepaid balance and validity: sms BAL to 199. Know bill amount: sms BILL to 199. Check current tariff plan: sms MYPLAN to 199.

How can I speed up my Jio?

Steps to increase Jio 4G speed For MediaTek processorInstall MTK Engineering Mode from play store.Open and Run the application.Then select ‘MTK Settings’After that Select ‘BandMode’Select SIM slot where you have placed your Jio SIM.Select ‘LTE mode’Now, Select band 40 for best speed or band 5 for the best coverage.

How do I check my Jio account?

Where can I check my balance details?Open MyJio App and login using OTP (One Time Password)Your high-speed data balance will be displayed along with validity on the home page under My Account section.You can also view your active and upcoming plan details with balance and validity, by tapping on ‘View Details’

Which is the best Jio recharge?

Reliance Jio Plans 2021: List of Jio Prepaid Plans, Offers, Price, Data, & ValidityJio Prepaid Recharge PlanData BenefitSMSRs 3493GB per Day100/DayRs 3991.5Gb per Day100/DayRs 4442GB per Day100/DayRs 5551.5GB per Day100/Day10 more rows•Feb 4, 2021

What is IVR in Jio?

Jio is one of India’s leading telecom operators. … In addition, you can use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service provided by the telecom operator to check the Jio balance and validity by making a call.

How can I talk to Jio executive directly?

For any queries regarding recharge plans, data balance, validity, recharge confirmation and offers call 1991 (toll free) from your Jio number. To register any complaint, you can call us on our Customer Care Number 198 (toll free). If you are calling from other numbers you can reach JioCare on 1800 889 9999.

How can I check my Jio talktime balance?

How to Check Jio Balance Using USSD Number CodesTo activate Jio caller tune is *333*3*1*1#To deactivate Jio caller tune is *333*3*1*2#To know your Jio number dial *1#To know balance or Talktime dial *333#To check VAS balance of Jio number dial *333*1*4*1#To check Internet balance dial *333*1*3#More items…

How can I check Ideabalance?

How to Check Vodafone Idea (Vi) Main Balance (Balance Enquiry)*199*2*1# – This USSD code can be used to check the main balance for your Vodafone Idea number. … *121# – You can also use this code to check for the main balance by using this code.Feb 13, 2021

How can I check my SIM balance?

Bsnl Main Balance Check : *123# OR *124*1# | Bsnl 3G/4G Net Balance Check : *124#Idea Main Balance Check : *130# OR *131*3# | Idea 3G/4G Net Balance Check : *125#Vodafone Main Balance Check : *111# OR *141# | Vodafone 3G/4G Net Balance Check : *111*2*2#Jun 5, 2020

How do I check my Jio balance and net?

Know my Jio Number: Dial *1#Know balance/talktime: *333#Check 4G data usage: sms MBAL to 55333.Check prepaid balance and validity: sms BAL to 199.Know bill amount: sms BILL to 199.Check current tariff plan: sms MYPLAN to 199.Activate 4G data: Call 1925 or sms START to 1925.Check net balance: use MyJio app.More items…•Jul 9, 2020

How do I check my Jio plan?

How do I check my plan details?Sign in to MyJio.Select the ‘View details’ option on the home page.If you are a Prepaid customer, you can view your active plans with your balance details & validity as well as your Queued Plans details. If you are a Postpaid customer, you can view details of your current plan.

How can I solve Jio Internet problem?

How to Fix Poor Network or No Signal issue in your Reliance Jio SIM cardChoose Network Manually. The simple way to get back your signal is to search manually for networks in Settings. … Create a New APN. … Delete the Previous APN. … Default Settings for APN. … Save and Reboot Your Smartphone.Aug 25, 2016