Quick Answer: Is Exchange Available In Reliance Digital?

Does Reliance Digital accept cash on delivery?

Presently, RELIANCE DIGITAL offers a maximum order value of INR 10,000 (Indian Rupees Ten Thousand) under the cash on delivery Payment Option..

Can I use Reliance digital gift card online?

Ans: Yes, the Reliance Digital Gift Card and another form of payment can be used in the same transaction.

Which is better chroma or reliance digital?

Croma employees rated their Overall Rating 0.7 higher than Reliance Digital employees rated theirs. Croma employees rated their Work-life balance 1.2 higher than Reliance Digital employees rated theirs. Croma employees rated their Senior Management 0.8 higher than Reliance Digital employees rated theirs.

How many digital reliance are there in India?

Reliance Digital is a consumer electronics company in India. The first Reliance Digital Store was opened on 24 April 007 in Delhi. Currently there are around 400+ Reliance Digital and Reliance Digital Xpress Mini Stores in around 20+ cities in India.

Can we exchange laptop in Reliance Digital?

The following general returns policy is applicable to all items sold on reliancedigital.in….Product/CategoryReturn Window and ExceptionsTablets10 Days; Replacement onlyComputers and AccessoriesLaptops10 Days; Replacement only23 more rows

Can I buy from Reliance Digital?

Now you can buy a laptop right on RelianceDigital.in or as always, by visiting your closest Reliance Digital store.

Who is the CEO of Reliance Digital?

Brian Bade (Aug 2010–)Reliance Digital/CEO

Where can I complain about Reliance Digital?

Level-1: Head of Customer Support: cshead.reliancedigital@ril.com. Through this channel you could communicate directly to the head of Customer Support. While writing, please do quote original date of raising the issue and allied resolution offered by our customer support team.

Is Oneplus available in Reliance Digital?

Reliance Digital is the right place to select an extensive range of smartphones from top brands. Choose from Samsung Mobile, Apple iPhone, ONEPLUS Mobile, Oppo Mobile, Vivo Mobile phones and more.

Does Reliance Digital Give GST invoice?

Reliance Digital – GST Invoice not given.

Does Reliance Digital sell Jio SIM?

Many users are in love with Reliance Jio for its free, blazing 4G speeds as well as its free voice and video calling. … If you haven’t got a Jio connection yet, it’s really simple. Simply head over to a Jio, Reliance Digital or DX Mini store to get one. Here are a few steps to locate the closest store to your location.

Who is the owner of Reliance Retail?

Reliance Industries LimitedReliance Retail/Parent organizations

Is it good to buy laptop from Reliance Digital?

reliance digital A very good laptop. Bought from reliance digital phoenix market city bangalore at 55 k ..a very good deal for this config. backlit keyboard is awesome. A very good laptop.

Is OnePlus 7 available in Reliance Digital?

Buy OnePlus 7 256 GB, 8 GB RAM, Mirror Gray, Smartphone at Reliance Digital.

Is it safe to buy iPhone from Reliance Digital?

Servify, along with Reliance Digital offers a Apple-certified extended warranty plan at lower prices, while keeping your iPhone fully secure. …

What is instant delivery in Reliance Digital?

“Insta Delivery” orders are handled by Reliance Digital and My Jio Stores, and will have the store security tag on the package. This in no way is a used package. A notification will be sent via SMS/Email as soon as order is picked up for delivery.