Question: Why Is IIT-BHU The Worst IIT?

Is IIT costly?

Tuition fees at IIT for the current academic year are Rs.

2.2 lakhs per year.

The total cost of 1 year study at IIT including mess bills is about Rs.

2.5 lakhs per year (excluding hostel and books)..

Which IIT can I get with 5000 rank?

Which IIT and engineering branch can a student get with 5000 rank? A. With a rank around 5000, candidates are likely to get Computer Science or Electrical Engineering in IIT Hyderabad. They may also get Mechanical Engineering in IIT Kanpur or IIT Roorkee.

Is Mukesh Ambani an Iitian?

Mukesh Ambani, CEO of Reliance Industries joined IIT-Bombay after clearing IIT-JEE. But he dropped out to study Chemical Engineering from University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, which is now known as Institute of Chemical Technology. … Later, he obtained Masters’ degree from IIT Kanpur.

Which is best IIT in India?

JoSAA Counselling 2021InstituteEstablishment YearRankingIIT Madras19591IIT Delhi19632IIT Bombay19583IIT Kanpur1959419 more rows•Mar 8, 2021

How many IIT are there in India?

23 IITsAt present, there are 23 IITs in India which are governed by the Institute of Technology Act, 1961 – a common IT council.

How can I get IIT BHU?

IIT BHU application process is listed below:Visit the official application portal of IIT BHU.Click on the “Apply Online” tab.Register as a new user by filling the required details.Log in with your credentials and fill accurate details in the application form.Enter academic qualifications.More items…

Is IIT BHU worth it?

Infrastructure: Infrastructure of IIT BHU is quite good and the hostels are well furnished and has high-speed wi-fi connections also have well finished bat… It is a great college with excellent placements. Placements: Almost 100% placements were offered in mechanical engineering at IIT BHU.

Which is better IIT BHU or IIT Indore?

In terms of infra, IIT BHU is still ahead of IIT Indore. The machines, etc are old in the old departments such as mechanical, etc. However, departments like CSE and Mathematics have brand new buildings, computers, etc. Plus, the inevitable abvantage of a greater alumni base.

How is life at IIT BHU?

He says, “Life at IIT BHU Varanasi gives a lots of surprises, both good and bad. The institute has something for everyone. You will not feel that you have nothing to do. There are a lot of cultural activities and non-academic events going on every now and then.

Which IIT has largest campus area?

IIT KharagpurIIT Kharagpur has the largest campus of 2100 acres among all the IITs in India.

Is IIT better than IIM?

IIM the best Those from the top IIMs like Ahmedabad or Bangalore earn Rs 20.6 lakh per annum at the entry level, which is 121% higher than the Rs 9.3 lakh graduates get on average in India, Mettl’s survey of 80 MBA colleges revealed. However, unlike the IITs, the IIMs are not beating the rest by a mile.

Is IIT good in Indore?

Good infrastructure, happy with the lab facilities, satisfied with faculty. Placements: Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, Madhya Pradesh has maintained an excellent record over the years. … Infrastructure: Being one of the semi new IITs, IIT Indore has definitely the best infrastructure when it comes to hostels.


The last of the ‘old’ IITs was in Roorkee, converted from an existing college in 2001. … This ‘new’ group was rounded out with the conversion of the engineering department of Benaras Hindu University (BHU) into an IIT in 2012.

Is BHU and IIT BHU same?

IIT (BHU) Varanasi has formerly been known as the Banaras Engineering College (BENCO), the College of Mining and Metallurgy (MINMET), the College of Technology (TECHNO) and the Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU).

Which is the No 1 IIT in India?

Indian Institute of Technology MadrasIIT Rankings 2020IIT RankingIIT CollegeNIRF Score1Indian Institute of Technology Madras89.932Indian Institute of Technology Delhi88.083Indian Institute of Technology Bombay85.084Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur82.1813 more rows•Oct 6, 2020

How is IIT Indore electrical engineering?

It witnessed more than 90% recruitments. You can bag a good package for coding skills and mathematical aptitude in one of the IT companies. Non-IT jobs are very slim. Infrastructure: Being one of the semi new IITs, IIT Indore has definitely the best infrastructure when it comes to hostels.

Which is better IIT BHU or IIT Hyderabad?

Coming to IIT bhu and Hyderabad I say that IIT Hyderabad is the best. It has best teaching faculty and good administration responsibility which make students afford good results. Where as BHU has a very good campus life they involve students in many social and extracurricular activities…