Question: Why Didnt Her Mother Go With Her?

Why did her mother’s face look like that of a corpse?

Her mother’s face was looking like that of a corpse because it was pallid and its natural radiance had desiccated with age.

The poet noticed her mother’s pale and ‘ashen’ face, lost of all vitality and colour, owing to her old age…..

What problems did Maria face as a child?

➡️ The problem faced by Maria was people often questioned on his citizenship in USA as she was born in Russia. Her answer to such questions was that she too has a citizenship of USA and love both the contries but will always play in USA’s team as she was grown up in USA and her tennis skills were also developed there.

Why Maria Sharapova feel so lonely?

Why did Maria Sharapova feel so lonely while getting her tennis training in the US? Ans. She felt lonely because her mother was compelled to stay back in Siberia because of visa restrictions thereby had to bear two years of separation from her mother. Her father had to work hard to pay for her tennis training.

Why did Maria feel so lonely?

Maria Sharapova felt very lonely in her childhood because she missed her mother in Florida and her father was always busy in trying to keep her tennis-training going. Her mother had to stay back in Siberia, Russia, because of visa restrictions.

How did Maria’s loneliness prove to be a boon for her?

Her mother was unable to accompany her to USA due to issues with her visa extension. Her father was busy gathering money for her tennis coaching. Thus she used to feel lonely in her hostel being away from family and friends. … This is how her loneliness proved to be a boon for her.

Why did her mother not go with her?

Her mother did not go with her because of the visa restrictions.

What did she notice when her mother said beside her?

Her mother was sitting beside her. The poet noticed that her mother was looking old, pale and weak. She had dozed off with her mouth open. The poet felt that her mother was looking like a corpse in that condition.

Where was Maria mother at the time?

She was at the Kasturba hostel of Maharani College, Jaipur. (ii) She used to watch villagers going up the Aravali hills and suddenly vanishing after some time from her room.

What motivates her to keep going?

Answer: Her motivation is money. She thought tennis that it is a business and sport . But the most important thing she wanted to become no 1 in the world.

What made Maria Sharapova determined and mentally tough?

As Maria was quite young, she used to go to bed early. The senior tennis players were very inconsiderate. They came late in the night and would wake her up asking her to clean up the room for them. Maria was bullied, insulted and humiliated but it made her more determined and mentally tough.

What’s Sharapova’s mantra for success?

I am very very competitiveMaria Sharapova,’s mantra for success is “I am very very competitive. I worked hard at whatever I do. It’s my job.” Besides hard work and professional attitude what are the qualities are necessary to reach the pinnacle of glory.

Why didn’t Maria’s mother go with her to Florida and who accompanied her then?

Explanation: Maria was sent to the United States to take training in tennis. She went to Florida along with her father. Her mother was not able to accompany her because of her restrictions on the visa.

What did she notice about her parents?

2. She noticed that her father was sleeping and snoring and mother was reading. 3.

Why do Maria’s fans not grudge her riches?

Her talent, unwavering desire to succeed and readiness to sacrifice have lifted her to the top of the world. Few would grudge her the riches she is now reaping. This is what she has to say about her monetary gains from tennis: “Of course, money is motivation.

How did Maria’s father contribute to the success of Maria?

Answer. Maria’s father helped her to achieve success in her life as he accompanied Maria to US for her tennis training and worked day and night to pay for her training fees. He motivated her and supported her every time, even when she was separated from her mother.

Why did Maria miss her mother?

Maria had to go to the United States of America for her training. She was to live there for years. While her father accompanied Maria, her mother could not come with her due to the visa problems. She used to miss her mother terribly and had to grow before time to survive independently away from her mother.

Why did Marie have to stay away from her mother how did she feel about that?

Maria Sharapova felt lonely because her mother was compelled to stay back in Siberia because of visa restrictions and thus had to bear two years of separation. Her father had to work hard to pay for her tennis training.

What was the secret of Maria’s success?

Maria Sharapova recently revealed that the secret behind her success is her ‘competitive drive’, which has helped her achieve triumph in every aspect of life. The 27-year-old tennis star said that she has a competitive drive, which was ferocious, powerful and it’s all about winning.

Why could Maria’s father not meet her frequently?

Maria’s father accompanied her to the U.S., but why could he also not see her during her stay there? Ans. Maria’s father, Yuri, had brought his nine-year-old daughter to the U.S. to get her trained in tennis. Unfortunately, he too could not see her frequently as he had to work very hard to earn to pay for her training.

Why did Maria leave Siberia for us why didnt her mother go with her?

Ans:-Maria was brought to Florida in the U.S. by her father, Yuri, to get trained as a professional tennis player and reach great heights of success and stardom in this sport. Her mother, Yelena, did not go with her because of visa restrictions. This two-year separation was too painful for the young girl.

Why did the poet smile and smile?

The poet smiled and smiled in an effort to reassure herself that she will meet her mother soon. Her words and smiles are a deliberate attempt to hide her real fears and feelings from her mother.

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