Question: What Is The Opposite Of An Old Soul?

Are old souls rare?

If you feel much older than your actual age, you may have an old soul that has probably traveled here many times before this incarnation.

Old souls (find out if you’re an old soul here) make up about 10% of the world’s population – and even though they’re rare, they serve a wonderful purpose here on Earth..

What does it mean if someone says you have an old soul?

You have high empathy Deeply empathic people, or empaths, are often seen as old souls. The ability to consider the experiences of others and feel what they feel can grant you a sense of maturity and gravity.

What is the difference between an old soul and a new soul?

She adds that old souls come into this life with an agenda to experience and complete karma, while new souls “want to make form out of light,” and “experience what it’s like to be a being in a body.” As such, the new souls’ experience is a bit more lighthearted, where being an old soul can feel heavy.

What’s another word for old soul?

What is another word for old soul?sagephilosopherbluestockingboffinwizardmindhighbrowwhizwise personbrainbox120 more rows