Question: What Can You Learn From The Life Of Maria Sharapova And Santosh Yadav?

What message do you get from the lives of Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova?


Today both Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova enjoy the status of a celebrity.

To attain this position they both had to work very hard in their life.

Both of these girls Were of strong and true determination..

Why was Maria Sharapova alone?

Maria Sharapova had to live alone in the hostel away from her parents. Her mother could not accompany her to USA due to some visa restrictions. His father worked day and night to earn money to pay for her tennis coaching. Thus, she was lonely and she could be easily depressed.

What qualities was Santosh Yadav gifted with as a climber?

As a climber, what qualities was Santosh Yadav gifted with? Ans. As a climber, Santos was gifted with an iron will, great physical endurance and an amazing mental toughness. All these qualities, coupled with her resistance to cold and altitude helped her prove her mettle in climbing mountains again and again.

Why can’t Maria be pigeon holed or Categorised?

Maria Sharapova cannot be pigeonholed to a particular category because in spite of being a world-class lawn tennis player she is versatile and tries her hand in various aspects like modeling. Aakash EduTech Pvt.

Why did Sharapova leave Siberia for the US?

Answer. Answer: Maria sharapova leave siberia for USA in the age of 9 years old for training of TENNIS.

What is Maria Sharapova’s mantra for success?

I worked hard at whatever I do. It’s my job.” Besides hard work and professional attitude what are the qualities are necessary to reach the pinnacle of glory?

What impact did Maria’s loneliness leave upon her?

Thus she used to feel lonely in her hostel being away from family and friends. But she utilized her loneliness and depression in a positive way and concentrated more in the tennis and faced all challenges and emerged victorious. This is how her loneliness proved to be a boon for her.

What did Santosh do that proves that she had concern for others?

Santosh shared her oxygen with him and saved his life. These incidents show her concern for her team mates.

What is the moral of the story Santosh Yadav?

Santosh defied all odds, customs, traditions and prejudices to script her phenomenal success through hard work, persistent effort, focus on the goal and mental and physical toughness. Santosh has really reached the highest top that a woman mountaineer could reach, not just once but twice.

Who was Santosh Yadav Class 9?

Answer: Santosh Yadav provided special care to a climber who lay dying at the south pole in 1992 Everest Mission. She saved Mohan Singh, who would have lost his life had she not shared her oxygen with him.

What girl is Santosh?

Santosh Yadav was a determined girl from her childhood. The area where she used to live was not so developed. Women were not taught so well and used to wear traditional dresses.

What can we learn from Santosh Yadav?

Answer. Santosh had the qualities of physical strength, mental strength and strong will power. In 1992, four years after her first casual climb on the Aravalli hills, she climbed Mount Everest.

What are the similarities and differences between Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova?

Maria Sharapova is the youngest woman to achieve No. 1 position in the ranking of World Lawn Tennis; while Santosh Yadav is the youngest woman to scale to the top of Mt. Everest twice. … Maria Sharapova has won 36 singles titles and 5 Grand Slam titles; while Santosh Yadav is the first woman to scale Mt.

What mental qualities of Maria are revealed?

Answer: Maria Sharapova was very ambitious and mentally tough. Her love for tennis and the determination of becoming world number one kept her going. That is why she did not give up even after being bullied and harassed.

What motivates Maria Sharapova to keep going?

Explanation: Her motivation is money. She thought tennis that it is a business and sport . But the most important thing she wanted to become no 1 in the world.

Why did Maria Sharapova missed her mother?

Maria had to go to the United States of America for her training. She was to live there for years. While her father accompanied Maria, her mother could not come with her due to the visa problems. She used to miss her mother terribly and had to grow before time to survive independently away from her mother.

What lesson can one learn after reading Maria Sharapova and Santosh Yadav?

Be focussed, practice hard and believe in yourself. You will experience a gradual boost in your confidence. Moreover, make your womanhood/manhood your strongest point. Unless you wake up and act, dreams can have no importance.

What lesson did Maria Sharapova learn at the age of nine?

At the tender age of nine, Maria learned that in order to excel at tennis, she would have to make many sacrifices. “I used to be so lonely,” Maria Sharapova recalls. “I missed my mother terribly. My father was working as much as he could to keep my tennis-training going.

Who did Maria Sharapova miss so badly?

Maria’s father brought her to the U.S. to be trained in tennis when she was barely nine. Her mother Yelena could not accompany her due to Visa restrictions. In the U.S. she missed her mother badly but she knew that the sacrifice was an inevitable part of her big aspirations.

What similarities do you find in the lives of Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova What qualities do you think are necessary to achieve success?

The first similarity was between the two girls that both of them achieved great success at a very young age. And both girls had achieved such success that people could not earn even after working hard for many years. And also both girls were very courageous and strong-willed.

What does Maria Sharapova say about her Russian nationality?

Answer: Explanation: Maria Sharapova is a female athlete who plays tennis. About her nationality, she says that she will never give up her nationality of being a Russian. She said that she will never become a citizen of the United States.

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