Question: How Do I Block Podcasts On My IPhone?

Can you restrict podcasts?

Anytime you have episodes that are only meant for a certain subset of your audience, private podcasting will allow you to restrict access and distribute the content as you see fit..

Does Apple podcasts automatically download?

When you save an episode, it’s automatically downloaded so you can listen to it offline. To turn off this option, go to Settings > Podcasts, then turn off Download When Saving. To change your download settings for entire podcasts, see Change your download settings for Podcasts on iPhone.

How do podcasts work on iPhone?

The Podcasts app for iOS provides easy access to popular and featured podcasts using the navigation icons at the bottom of the app. To subscribe to a podcast, tap Subscribe on the page for that podcast. To play a podcast, tap on any episode. To download an episode, tap the iCloud icon in the episode list.

How do I restrict podcasts on iPhone?

Open the Podcasts app and tap Library at the bottom of the screen. Tap on a podcast you’d like to limit episode downloads for….To limit the number of episodes:Under Episodes, tap Custom Settings.Under Custom, select Limit Episodes.Select the number of recent episodes to keep.Return to the Settings menu and tap Done.Aug 31, 2020

How do I stop podcasts from taking up storage?

Limit episode downloadsOpen the Podcasts app.Tap the Library tab.Select a show you wish to limit.Tap the options (…) button, then tap Settings.Select Custom Settings, then tap Limit Episodes.Choose a limit that works for you.Jul 31, 2020

How do I quickly delete podcasts from my iPhone?

Quickly Delete Entire Podcasts To delete a podcast, swipe left on it and tap “Delete.” You can also click “Edit” at the top-right corner of your screen and use the buttons to quickly delete podcasts. This won’t actually unsubscribe you from any podcasts.

Are podcasts free on iPhone?

Apple’s Podcasts app is a free and easy way to find, download, and subscribe to your favorite podcasts. If you prefer, there are many other podcast apps to choose from. You can even download podcast episodes from your computer to the Music app via iTunes.

Where do podcasts get saved on iPhone?

In the Podcasts app, go to the Library/Shows screen and scroll to the show title you’re interested in. Tap the show picture to go into the show and scroll down past the My Episodes section….Beneath My Episodes will be three headings:Available Episodes >Saved Episodes 1 >Previously Played >Apr 19, 2018

How do I listen to explicit content on my podcast?

How: Go to Settings, then General, then Restrictions. Scroll down until you see Allowed Content and tap on Music, Podcasts & iTunes U to enable Explicit content access.

How do I manage the podcast app on my iPhone?

Manage your podcasts library on iPhoneTap Library.Tap a show to see its information page, tap. , then do any of the following: Change the sequence of episode playback, disable notifications, and manage episode downloads: Tap Settings. Stop downloading new episodes: Tap Unfollow.

Do podcasts use a lot of storage?

A. Apple’s own Podcasts app is meant to let you discover, subscribe to, download and play free audio and video from the iTunes Store on an iOS device. But unless you have adjusted the app’s settings to delete old downloaded episodes after you have listened to them, all those old shows pile up and gobble storage space.

How do I delete old podcast episodes?

Go to your Podcasts history in My Activity.Choose what you want to delete: All your Podcasts history: Below the search bar, tap Delete. Specific day: Next to the day, tap Delete all activity from [day] . Specific activity: Below the activity, tap Details at the top, tap More Delete.

What is the best podcast app for iPhone?

Best Podcast Listening Apps (For iOS & Android)Player FM.Pocket Casts.Castbox.Podbean.Stitcher.Laughable.TuneIn Radio.Spotify.More items…•Apr 7, 2021

Why can’t I delete podcasts from my iPhone?

On the iPhone, try Settings->General->iPhone Storage->Podcasts That will list episodes still downloaded on your device. You should be able to delete from there.

How do I delete the podcast app from my iPhone?

Delete a built-in app from your deviceOn your iOS or iPadOS device, touch and hold the app.Tap Rearrange Apps.Tap in the upper-left corner to delete the app.Tap Delete. Then on an iPhone X or later, tap Done. Or on an iPhone 8 or earlier, press the Home button.Sep 16, 2020

Can Apple Podcasts be private?

A private podcast isn’t publicly accessible or discoverable. Instead, each subscriber gets a unique RSS feed that they can add to their podcast player. … Subscribe to the podcast in their podcast player (Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts) Receive new episodes on their phone.

Can you make money from podcasts?

Even small podcasts can make money through a variety of different income streams—popular methods include advertisements, affiliate marketing, crowdfunding, selling merchandise, and hosting live events.

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