Question: How Can I Get Petrol Pump Franchise In India?

How can I get petrol pump dealership in India?


The applicant must be an Indian citizen and if he/she is Non-Resident Indian i.e.

NRI then he must live in India for at least 180 days before applying for a petrol pump or retail outlet.


The age of the applicant should be between 21 to 55 years (some relaxation for freedom fighters’ family)..

How much money do I need to open a petrol pump?

20 LakhsOne needs a minimum of Rs 15-20 Lakhs to start a new business of Petrol Pump.

Which petrol is best in India?

Top 6 Brands of Petrol Pumps in IndiaIndian Oil. Indian Oil Corporation is the biggest oil company and also India’s most profitable state-owned company. … Bharat Petroleum. … Hindustan Petroleum. … Reliance Petroleum. … Shell. … Essar Oil. … Upcoming Oil Companies and Petrol Pumps in India. … Rosneft.More items…

Is petrol pump dealership profitable?

Total profit of the petrol pump business Monthly profit for the petrol pump business is 2 lakhs – 1.35 lakhs= 65000 Rs for rural areas. Monthly profit for the petrol pumps business is 4.2 lakhs – 1.95 lakhs = 2.15 lakhs /month for city side. There is 100% no loss in this business.

Is petrol pump business profitable?

For a normal petrol pump the profit margin shows 1.8% or so as a whole. It means selling of 1 litre of petrol incurs Rs. 1.8 profit margin. If for example a pump sells 400 Kilo-litre fuel and makes revenue of 10Lac.

How can I apply for HPCL petrol pump?

Click on online application for applying for HPCL retail outlet dealership.Image 3 HPCL Retail Outlet Dealership. Applicant Registration. To apply the applicant need to register in the portal. … Image 4 HPCL Retail Outlet Dealership. Provide Details in Application. … Image 5 HPCL Retail Outlet Dealership. Print Application.

How can I get Reliance Petrol Pump franchise?

To get a petrol pump dealership of reliance, one needs to fill out an application and submit it online. The application form can be found at Reliance Petroleum Business Enquiry Page. Reliance Petroleum will contact you with further details if your eligibility criteria meet their requirements.

Can I get loan petrol pump?

Once the petrol pump is built, a steady flow of working capital is also necessary to pay wages, restock fuel, logistics and other general operations….How to Apply for Online Petrol Pump Business Loan through Lendingkart:Interest RatesBetween 15% and 27%Loan AmountRs. 50,000 – Rs. 2 crores4 more rows

Why is Shell petrol so expensive?

Trasportation cost is higher for Shell as they import petrol & transport to their 2,000 petrol pumps scattered all around. Whereas Indian Oil itself has 10 Refineries at different corner of Country, vast Pipeline transportation network with 24,000 Petrol Pump.

Which fuel is best for my car?

Carmakers design engines for a minimum octane rating. If you open the fuel flap of your car and it says ‘unleaded petrol only’ it means 91 octane fuel is OK. If the fuel flap says ‘premium unleaded only’ it means you need to use at least 95. If the fuel flap tells you to use 98, that’s what you need to do.

Do petrol stations make money?

Petrol stations don’t make much money Retailers try to make about 4-5p per litre, but out of that they have to pay staff, business rates and corporation tax. Fuel stations often depend heavily on sales from the shop – a retailer can make more on selling a Costa coffee than on 40 litres of fuel. ‘

How can I set up a petrol pump?

To open a petrol pump in rural areas, the applicant needs to have funding of minimum Rs. 15 – Rs….Besides cash and jewelry, applicant can use the below mentioned types of fund for opening a petrol pump:Bank deposits.Bonds and shares.Fixed Deposits.Mutual Funds.National Saving Certificates.Postal Scheme.Saving accounts.

How much a petrol pump owner earns in India?

How much money does petrol pump owner make in India?PARTICULARSTotalNet profitRs 3,58,000 MonthlyYour commission per litreRs 3.0/litreGross earningRs 5,70,000 per monthExpenses7 more rows•Jul 28, 2017

Which petrol is best for car?

A higher octane fuel won’t pre-ignite or explode as quickly, which explains why high-performance cars with higher compression engines often require higher octane fuel….Why Octane Number Matters?Regular Fuel87 octaneHP Power87 octane + additiveBPCL Speed91 octaneBPCL Speed 9797 octaneIOC XtraPremium91 octaneSep 16, 2018

How do I become a petrol pump owner?

The owner of the petrol pump should be an individual who is an Indian citizen. The minimum age limit for an applicant must be 21 years and maximum should be 55 years. Educational qualification is must is you want an ownership of petrol pumps. For rural petrol pump owners a minimum of 10+2 certificate is required.