How Can I Apply For HPCL Petrol Pump?

Which brand petrol is best for car?

Major Indian oil companies like BPCL, IOCL, HPCL guarantee a better mileage and long-run performance of the car with their premium fuel.

In India unleaded petrol typically has octane ratings of 87, whereas premium fuel has an octane level of 93–94..

Why is Shell petrol so expensive?

Shell petrol is sold at market rates and their prices were more or less the same compared to state owned oil companies. But, they too have started tricks of trade like other state owned oil companies. They have a branded fuel called Shell V-Power. This is priced at ₹10 more than the unleaded petrol.

Is Shell petrol better than BP?

There was absolutely no difference in experience over regular petrol. Spending extra Rs. 5 on shell is absolute waste of money. There are so many good company-owned outlets of IOC, BP, and HP filling stations who sells good quality petrol.

Which petrol is best for Car India?

#1 Datsun RediGo – 25.17 kmpl With an ARAI-tested fuel efficiency of 25.17 kmpl, the RediGo is the best mileage petrol car you can buy in India.

How can I apply for petrol pump?

1. The applicant must be an Indian citizen and if he/she is Non-Resident Indian i.e. NRI then he must live in India for at least 180 days before applying for a petrol pump or retail outlet. 2. The age of the applicant should be between 21 to 55 years (some relaxation for freedom fighters’ family).

What is the salary of petrol pump?

How much money does petrol pump owner make in India?PARTICULARSTotalNet profitRs 3,58,000 MonthlyAverage sales per month400000 LitreYour commission per litreRs 3.0/litreGross earningRs 5,70,000 per month7 more rows•Jul 28, 2017

How can I get loan for petrol pump business?

How to Apply for Online Petrol Pump Business Loan through Lendingkart:Submit Application: Go to and submit an application for the loan of your choice. … Upload documents: All the documents mentioned in the section above must be submitted digitally online to the website.More items…

Which petrol pump dealership is best?

Top 6 Brands of Petrol Pumps in IndiaIndian Oil. Indian Oil Corporation is the biggest oil company and also India’s most profitable state-owned company. … Bharat Petroleum. … Hindustan Petroleum. … Reliance Petroleum. … Shell. … Essar Oil. … Upcoming Oil Companies and Petrol Pumps in India. … Rosneft.More items…

How much does it cost to start a petrol pump?

To open a petrol pump business, you must have a good investment capacity to start with. There are two types of charges for opening petrol pumps in India: Rs 12 lakhs for ROs for rural areas and Rs 25 lakhs for ROs in urban areas, though the amount may vary from company to company.

Can I mix speed petrol and normal petrol?

You can’t mix that with a normal car as there’s a chance the engine will explode. Which is better, Xtra premium petrol or normal petrol? The best performance will be realized by using the fuel recommended by the manufacturer of the engine.

How do you attract customers to a petrol station?

Encourage customers to fill their tank in order that they will get a free coffee, windshield wash or a car wash on their next visit. Provide what your competitors do not, this might be one thing that will build customers to return to your station rather than the others.

Does Shell petrol gives more mileage?

The fact is your actually paying more than normal. Mileage increases as a side effect because of all the additives present in the fuel. Shell V power gives just 3 or 5 kilometres more than normal petrol mileage per litre.

Are petrol pump owners rich?

Total profit of the petrol pump business Monthly profit for the petrol pump business is 2 lakhs – 1.35 lakhs= 65000 Rs for rural areas. Monthly profit for the petrol pumps business is 4.2 lakhs – 1.95 lakhs = 2.15 lakhs /month for city side. There is 100% no loss in this business.

What is the margin in petrol pump?

“The dealers’ margin for petrol and diesel has been revised. It is approximately 9% to 43% in petrol and 11% to 59% in diesel,” he said. Low volume dealers shall get maximum increase in commission in terms of percentage and paisa per litre.